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ACS  has demonstrated success success with our clients by beginning with the evaluation of each new product line. The product evaluation process begins with the information we gather from our clients about their products. We then extract all the information from the product manual and upload this information to our product database which is easily accessed by our customer service representatives.

When provided with retail samples of the product, our product evaluation team  will conduct a usability study. The usability studies are conducted on each product sample to uncover any possible design issues or noticeable points of confusion for the consumer. These studies also include an examination of product packaging to guarantee an initial and proper evaluation for quality control. Through this extensive evaluation and our vast experience in consumer products, we can forecast and troubleshoot any issues that could arise when the product is introduced to the market.

The final stage of the product evaluation process is to incorporate anticipated frequently asked questions specific to the product. This allows ACS to measure our existing knowledgebase  against questions asked by the consumer. Once specific questions have been asked a significant amount of times, the questions are then assigned the status of frequently asked questions.