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We offer and can provide all of our clients with warehouse space for a stocked inventory of replacement parts and retail products for distribution. Having these parts and products readily available allows us to take a proactive response when needing to possibly ship anything to a consumer or retail outlet. In addition, our clients will be given the ability access their inventory and order information online and in real-time.

Our warehouse utilizes a rack push-back system allowing for five times the amount of storage space compared to the average warehouse. Our warehouse is operated through an advanced item location system. This system allows our warehouse staff to know where each item is located at any given time in order for us to increase productivity  while reducing overhead.

Due to the volume of shipments received every day, we have contracted rates with UPS and FedEx. Most importantly, all shipments go through a rate comparison analysis  to ensure our clients and your consumers are receiving the best price for each and every shipment.